Pretty Green

An article by, which I found via BlogHer, and via Sarah, tell us the truth about what it means for women to spend so much money on our looks:

More money on mascara means less money donated to politicians who can do you favors.
More money on pedicures means less money for the non-profits like shelters, crisis centers, and halfway houses.
More money on haircuts means less money for more education & training.
More money on moisturizers, face lifts and boob jobs means less money, less influence, and less power.


2 Replies to “Pretty Green”

  1. So why don’t we at least have more influence with cosmetic companies, beauty salons, cosmetic surgeons, and shoe stores? 😛

  2. Hormones-$25
    Color roots, highlights, cut- $95

    Avoiding quizzical looks while others try to figure out my gender-Priceless

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