Anti Pope

Richard Dawkins and Chris Hitchens want to have the Pope arrested when he comes to the UK. I saw the story on MSNBC & laughed for a full five minutes, because: why not? Is there some rule about why we should respect religious leaders globally? Don’t people who aren’t Catholic have the right to see justice for those kids?

I think it’s brilliant. After that, we can arrest all sorts of religious leaders for whatever, & then – no more religious bullshit.

I know it wouldn’t work. But the idea is lovely.

Helen’s Late Night Liner Notes:

1/ now I’m wondering, completely unrelatedly, if Spoon stole the lyrics “Religion don’t mean a thing / it’s just another way of being Right Wing” from The Damned. They’re in “Jonathan Fisk.” Because if they did,  they have just earned a whole new star of approval from me. )

2/ gender-y content, in the lyrics of “Anti Pope:” The vicars are transvestites / With a fetish for robes and gowns & of course Captain Sensible wears dresses on stage. a lot.