Anti Pope

Richard Dawkins and Chris Hitchens want to have the Pope arrested when he comes to the UK. I saw the story on MSNBC & laughed for a full five minutes, because: why not? Is there some rule about why we should respect religious leaders globally? Don’t people who aren’t Catholic have the right to see justice for those kids?

I think it’s brilliant. After that, we can arrest all sorts of religious leaders for whatever, & then – no more religious bullshit.

I know it wouldn’t work. But the idea is lovely.

Helen’s Late Night Liner Notes:

1/ now I’m wondering, completely unrelatedly, if Spoon stole the lyrics “Religion don’t mean a thing / it’s just another way of being Right Wing” from The Damned. They’re in “Jonathan Fisk.” Because if they did,  they have just earned a whole new star of approval from me. )

2/ gender-y content, in the lyrics of “Anti Pope:” The vicars are transvestites / With a fetish for robes and gowns & of course Captain Sensible wears dresses on stage. a lot.

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  1. I agree. I’ve thought for a long time that the Catholic Church should be prosecuted in the United States under the RICO (racketeering and corrupt organisation laws). I’ll believe the church and the Pope are serious about this stuff when they send Cardinal Bernard Law (yep, that’s really his name) back to Boston from his safe hideout in the Vatican.

    It’s too bad, though, that the people getting attention for this idea are such rabid anti-religionists. This shouldn’t be a matter of religious beliefs — crimes have been committed, covered up, and facilitated, and those involved should be prosecuted. The atheism issue is a distraction.

    A lot of Catholics have been motivated by their faith to help feed the poor, shelter the homeless, and protect the vulnerable, and many Catholics have given their lives in such causes, especially in Latin America. I’m not opposed to all Catholics. The real issue here is pedophilia.

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