Hawaii Congress Approves Civil Unions

In the midst of all the bad news, about Arizona and the BP Gulf spill, Hawaii’s state Congress approved Civil Unions. The Senate approved it back in January, when it got snagged on opposition, but just yesterday Hawaii’s House approved… Continue Reading

Unemployed Trans + ENDA Direct Action

NCTE has a direct action going on. If you’re a trans person or ally who is out of work, you can drop off your resume + cover letter to your local Congressperson, and then send copies to NCTE who will… Continue Reading

Red Scab Returns (or, Adam Ant is Back)

Oh, because I have to: I just read the first really good interview with Adam Ant in forever and a day, AND he’s shown up on boingboing as well. I guess you know you’re famous when a costume company sells… Continue Reading


Someone attacked a trans person in a men’s room at CSU-LB and carved into the person’s chest. Here’s a sketch of the asshole: I hope someone recognizes him so he can be brought to justice. (via Matty & Calpernia)

The Other Catholic Church

A nice piece on “the other Catholic Church” which is still out there, still doing cool anti-poverty work, and still taking a lot of risks: This is the church of the Maryknoll Sisters in Central America and the Cabrini Sisters… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Got a Groove?

I’m not much into “music to do drugs by” but these two tracks have appealed to me lately: the Hot Chip has some New Order resonance, and Animal Collective – at least this track – strikes me as an odd… Continue Reading

Co-Signers of the Letter to the APA about GID

Here is the final list of the co-signing organizations & individuals of the Callen-Lorde/Gay Center letter to the APA about the DSM V revision of GID: Co-signing Institutions: CenterLink: The Community of LGBT Centers, New York, NY Agnodice Foundation, Lausanne,… Continue Reading

Autumn Sandeen Update

Pam of Pam’s House Blend has a post up at Daily Kos about Autumn Sandeen’s treatment in federal lock-up. I wish I could say I’m surprised. Autumn, in the meanwhile, is home safe & sound.

Per Ardua ad Astra

The RAF has a pilot who is transitioning on the job, & nutty them, they think it doesn’t matter as long as she can still do her job. (“Per Ardua ad Astra” is Latin for “through adversity to the stars”… Continue Reading

Trans Answers and Surveys in the NYT

Dr. Laura Erickson-Schroth recently answered a bunch of questions about transgender issues in The New York Times. It’s in three sections: one, two, and three. She’s working on a book called Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, and people like Jennifer Boylan… Continue Reading

Pretty Green

An article by SirensMag.com, which I found via BlogHer, and via Sarah, tell us the truth about what it means for women to spend so much money on our looks: More money on mascara means less money donated to politicians… Continue Reading

When SciFi Comes True

The first full facial transplant, imagine that.

Guns, God… and the Trans?!

Wow. A Republican trans woman named Donna Milo is running against an incumbent Democrat in Florida, which makes two trans women who don’t seem to understand politics. Sorry, folks, but the Family Values crowd isn’t pro-transsexual, and if you actually… Continue Reading

Impact: MHB

Jessica Who? wrote a nice piece about her experience reading and re-reading My Husband Betty. It’s so satisfying to know that anything I’ve written helped someone else come to terms with their crossdressing or their transness. I was just putting… Continue Reading

Gender Neutral Bathrooms at CSI

The College of Staten Island is making some of their restrooms unisex, or gender neutral. It’s not particularly tricky: they’re putting signs on the doors of both male & female stick figures, add a lock to the main door and… Continue Reading

Autumn Sandeen Chains Herself to WH Fence

No kidding – you go Autumn! From GetEqual’s website: Our hopes swelled when President Obama promised at the State of the Union to end Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT), the policy that discriminates against lesbian and gay servicemembers. But his… Continue Reading

Response to the APA’s New GID

Callen-Lorde and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center, both of New York, have written a response to the APA’s revised DSM diagnosis for Gender Identity Disorder — which is now being re-named Gender Incongruence. They make a few… Continue Reading


What happened to Harold and Clay is one of the many reasons same sex couples need more than visitation rights and ALL the same legal rights as anyone who is civilly married: Three months after he was hospitalized, Harold died… Continue Reading

Tammy Baldwin’s Statement on Recent Obama Decision

Courtesy of Our Lives magazine: President Obama’s decision to direct the Secretary of Health and Human Services to take steps to ensure that hospitals participating in Medicare or Medicaid respect the rights of patients to receive visitors and designate others… Continue Reading


A Lawrence student has been taking photographs of faculty, staff & students who wanted to participate in the NOH8 campaign, and yesterday, on our 12th anniversary, we decided to (finally) get ours taken. Here are some of the shots. Photographer:… Continue Reading