“Lesbian” Strippers in SF

Only Republicans would go to a bondage strip club in San Francisco and spend $2k to see strippers pretend to be lesbians when most people just go to the parks, movies, and bars to see actual lesbians make out in public.

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  1. Actually the strip club is in West Hollywood, which is in LA — though since WeHo is one of the gayborhoods, it’s not too hard to find actual lesbians there either.

    ‘Course since LA and SF are all west of the Hudson I know that it all looks the same to ya New Yawkers. 😉

  2. Do they tie and spank eachother in the bars and parks? Becuase if so, I need to get the fuck out of this hunk of ice and mud.

  3. Jumbo’s Clown Room in LA is full of lesbian strippers. The name leaves a little to be desired but can’t judge a book by it’s cover on this little gem.
    & LOL at the park, bars & movies comment

  4. That bar is next to the Gayest Coffee shop in WeHo(the French Market) and is famous for not only bondage themed clubs like sin-amatic but being the default Trans Hooker bar venue(it used to be called “Peanuts”. I have fond memories of being felt up there actually… In defense of L.A. they might well have been real lesbians.

  5. If it was in SF, a lot of the strippers really are lesbians. Besides, they’re supporting the local sexworker economy instead of freeloading by being peeping toms. Remember, think global**— buy local.

    (**global… not a cheap boobz joke)

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