Two Tune Tuesday :radiohead:

A friend recently admitted, shyly, that he can’t seem to “get into” Radiohead and asked me what, exactly, I like about them. My first thought was “What’s not to like?” but then I said things about their unusual rhythms, the layers of sound, the density of the expression. Good lyrics. They are, in a nutshell, a lovely electronic tilt at a quixotic world. They’re also the first band Betty turned me onto; I returned the favor with Elvis Costello.

The first song I heard was the first one here, “High and Dry.” “No Surprises” was probably my next favorite.
“There There” is my favorite song in the world to dance to. Really. (Followed closely by “Idioteque” which seems to be one of Thom Yorke’s favorites to dance to as well.)
“Stop Whispering” is the perfect angry but exhausted song ever.

So, yeah. (There’s plenty more Radiohead I could add, but theoretically, at least, it’s one thing to double “two tunes” another to make it “Twelve Tune Tuesday.”)