Gender Normative

I had a student tell me of a new terminology that seems to be making the rounds: gender normative privilege, which would be, of course, the privilege of normative gender over non-normative ones.

It may be the excellent response I have been looking for to contend with the way cisgender often seems to mean transphobic to some. What I’ve noticed is that this cissexual has “dyke” yelled at her out of car windows and my lovely partner does not. It’s nice to have a word for her being normal, despite being trans, and me being odd, despite being cis.

Of course the idea of gender normativity isn’t new, nor is the idea of normative genders being privileged over non-normative ones. What is new is the idea that it further complicates that whole cis/trans binary I dislike so much.

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  1. Anything “normative” is about privilege. Would you want someone to be called “sexual orientation normative”? Moreover, you’re trying to deny the real issues your trans partner faces vs. the issues you do. What gender does it say on your driver’s license vs. her drivers license? How would you each be treated in health care? What do each of your birth certificates state? Who is more likely to encounter violence because of their gender? What’s on the passport each of you needs to present in order to even get a job these days? Cisgender does not equate with transphobic except that, in the real world, people who have issues with it tend to also be the ones who are blind to their privilege.

    Sorry, but doing a little genderfuck doesn’t entitle you to make to erase those issues.

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