Whenever I read an article like this one, after I stop being annoyed by the use of the old “hermaphrodite” term – especially when they entirely fail to mention that intersex took its place a long while back – I… Continue Reading

Cooter Couture

Saturday is a good day to talk about vaginas, no? AlterNet seems to think so, with this lovely article about all the stuff the health & beauty industry thinks is wrong with yours, & how they can fix it: with… Continue Reading


I’ve always wanted to see Nepal, and it seems now I’ve got an additional reason to go: The traditionally conservative country’s Supreme Court ruled in 2007 that “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and intersex are natural persons irrespective of their masculine… Continue Reading

Double Whammy: Zinn & Salinger

The world has gotten significantly less smart in the past two days: first we lost the people’s historian, Howard Zinn, whose books educated so many of us as to the real legacy of American Populism. & Today: Salinger. I can’t… Continue Reading

Transgender College Athletes

An interesting article from Inside College Ed on trans athletes at the college level states: For the most part, athletic teams at high schools and colleges are segregated by sex and divided into men’s and women’s teams. For transgender students,… Continue Reading


If I’m not mistaken, the President just reprimanded the Democrats, the Republicans, and the Supreme Court, and did all of it with a smile on his face & a reminder of our shared love for this country.

From the NYS Pride Agenda

GENDA could pass this winter – take action now! Last week when we wrote to you about the Senate marriage vote, we told you we’d be reaching out again soon about our plans for 2010. Today, we’re updating you on… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Cuban Tunes

One of the things I like best about where I work is that there’s a ton of music around, because Lawrence has its own Conservatory. I go to stuff all the time; a few weeks ago I caught a lecture/performance… Continue Reading

Name Changes in the NYT

A NYT article on trasngender name changes actually gives equal time to the guys: will wonders never cease? (But of course there’s all the usual nail polish & make-up bullshit.)

Tomboy Sues Former Employer

The St. Louis Court of Appeals reversed a previous decision that stated Brenna Lewis could not sue her employer for firing her – for being too masculine. Citing court records, the AP reports that Cullinan prefers to wear loose-fitting clothes such… Continue Reading

Two Walls

Here’s an interesting article by a Jewish trans woman on two visits to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem – one before, one after transition. (h/to to Sarah)

Joel in Alaska; Helen in Wisconsin

Some thoughts on living in Wisconsin: I’m starting to wonder if my years watching Northern Exposure was actually a prep course. I try not to be an asshole NYer who is always trying to find the NYC cognate for everything… Continue Reading

Miama Beach News

Miami Beach just added language to their human relations ordinance in order to protect transgender residents from discrimination.

Cagney & Lacey Reunited Tonight

For those who were fans: Cagney & Lacey are going to be re-united on that hip spy series Burn Notice tonight; Sharon Gless, who played Cagney, is a regular on the show, on which she plays Michael Weston’s mom.

This Just In: Men Have Ordinary Bodies, Too

Who knew? But watch for the guys with regular bodies during the Superbowl (where it might be otherwise unclear that we are not engineering masculinity these days).

Paul Scott: Wasting Your Time

There’s a guy named Paul Scott who’s running for Secretary of State in Michigan. You know, that state that gets TB when the rest of the country has a cough. I haven’t been flabbergasted for some time, but this hatefulness… Continue Reading

RIP Kate McGarrigle

Rufus and Martha Wainwight’s mom Kate McGarrigle died on Monday Kate McGarrigle had one of the most angelic voices ever. So go watch and listen to her perform a song she wrote with her two talented kids. We all really… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Forgotten 80s Love Songs

Maybe not entirely forgotten, but highly neglected: The Polecats song is just charming as hell, and I can’t think of another song that has the word “oscillator” in it. Fine Early Geekage Period. The Hoodoo Gurus actually had a couple… Continue Reading

More MLK (You’ve Never Heard)

Like this bit by illdoctrine.com a lot – the quotes, the delivery, the idea. (h/t to Adrien)

MLK Jr. Day

“Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted.” – Dr. King It’s always been a favorite of mine.