What a Woman Is

I’m starting to think I could teach a whole Gender Studies coiurse on the Caster Semenya hullabaloo, since this ad, by a South African strip club, pretty much constructs woman to mean bimbo.


There is something about this one piece of information – that Americans throw away 40% of the food we buy – that nails exactly what is wrong with American culture.

RIP Mike Penner (Christine Daniels)

Mike Penner transitioned a couple of years ago and started using the name Christine Daniels only to start going by Mike Penner last year again. He was found dead in his apartment, apparently of suicide. How much does this break… Continue Reading

Don’t Forget Your Feminist Pr0n*

Black Friday is nearly over – hopefully you survived if you went out shopping & gots lots of lovely presents for your loved ones. That said, Tristan Taormino’s latest movie Rough Sex just came out, & along with lots of… Continue Reading

Accurate if Not Happy Thanksgiving

LGBT Athletes & Soldiers

I missed it, & maybe you did too, but here’s Jeff Sheng’s Fearless photography series, which is a collection of photos of out LGBT athletes. I discovered it via The LA Times’ blog and Sheng’s new series called Don’t Ask… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: the The

Despite “This is the Day” being used in an M&M commercial – really? it had to be M&Ms? – Matt Johnson & theThe were a band I spent a lot of time with from at least 1985 forward. His songs… Continue Reading

Really Equal

A straight couple has applied for civil partner benefits, not marriage, in the UK. They are the first to do so & in so doing are hoping to point out the inequality of the situation. Well done, Tom Freeman and… Continue Reading

Trans Partner Support Column

I was interviewed not long ago by Amanda Waldroupe as she was writing a column for just|out of Portland (OR) about the way in which partners of trans people need support and get or don’t get it. While numerous resources… Continue Reading

Remember We’re Living 2009

As many people probably already know, I’ve never been thrilled with the idea of Transgender Day of Remembrance as the public face of the trans community. It’s just a little too “bring out your dead” for me. That doesn’t mean… Continue Reading

Going Rouge

On Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue: “In short, the book provides ample proof that Sarah Palin’s version of her own life is like the Turkish government’s version of the Armenian Genocide — and approximately as trustworthy.” The full review is here.… Continue Reading

Transgender Day of Remembrance

French Air Force Foul Play

The French Air Force won’t recognize a transgender woman’s new gender because she hasn’t had surgery. Feh.

Call for ENDA

Tomorrow, Congress needs to hear from us very clearly about why LGBT people need protection from the widespread discrimination that we continue to face in the workplace. In the Transgender Discrimination Survey we conducted with The Task Force, we found… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Spoon

I discovered Spoon a few years ago while dinging in a cool little eatery in Park Slope called Jack’s that’s gone now. I still miss the pot roast & waiters who turned me onto cool music.

Cold Case Trans

Right now, on TNT: Season 5, Episode 9 Episode Synopsis: The 1963 death of a teen girl who dressed and acted like a boy is investigated to determine if she committed suicide or was murdered. Meanwhile, the consequences of Internal… Continue Reading

From NCTE: Act on ENDA

From NCTE: “Now is the time that we must take action for ENDA! Whether you have never contacted your members of Congress or if you are a frequent visitor in their offices, we need you to call this week if… Continue Reading

Waiting Game

This is a chart that shows the support for same-sex marriage by age group — which, in a nutshell, means we’ve got a waiting game on our hands if nothing else. There’s a nice analysis of the chart where I… Continue Reading

Transgender Narrative

Every once in a great while, someone sends me some writing they want me to read. Most of the time I can’t feel the person behind the voice, or, in writer’s parlance, I can’t hear the author’s voice. But this… Continue Reading

Coming Out to Kids as Trans

I was asked recently for resources for trans people with children. Honestly, there’s never very much, but here’s the list I sent her: COLAGE does a lot of work with LGBT parents, & coming out: http://colage.org/resources/parents.htm They have specific information… Continue Reading