What He Said


And despite the fact that Obama’s position is a 180 degree turn from the previous administration, which declared open war with the FMA, he is greeted with catcalls of “what have you done for me lately” or “just words,” feeding the right-wing narrative that Obama is all talk. Well played.

John Cole, just so you know, plenty of us in the LGBT community agree with you.

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  1. You read *Balloon Juice*??! You MUST be a curmudgeon! 🙂

    (I love John Cole and his merry band, too…not at first, mind, but watching him come to his senses re: Bush very publically, AND apologize for it, is something I hoped would catch on. Alas, not much sign of that, but I read Cole 3 or 4 times a day.)

    And congrats on the Curmudgeon Award! 🙂 (I met KB once, years ago…awesome lady.)

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