ENDA Hearings

The Congressional Hearings about ENDA happened yesterday, & you can find the archived webcast on the website of the Committee on Education & Labor.

You can also catch excerpts on YouTube.

Watch, read, listen, but then:

Contact the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and tell your member of Congress that you support ENDA.

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  1. I found the testimony of Camille Olson particularly interesting in terms of the shortcomings of the ENDA language as written now and its potential impact on the obligations of employers and employees … She points out needed clarifications and, of course!, all the stuff about toilet/restroom/bathroom issues … nothing to sneeze at.

    AND, the mixture in the language and in legal precedents about the conflation or distinctions about “sex” and “gender” usage. I understand that Helen has a clear
    preference for conflation, but you know how lawyers are …


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