Hunter’s Sucks

Posted by – September 23, 2009

This bar’s new ID policy is utter bullshit and transphobic nonsense. Hunter’s has benefited from trans patronage for years, but now wants to keep trans people out.

Maybe the patrons who are against the policy can swap IDs at the door. Make a mockery of it. Everyone do drag next Friday & Saturday nights. When they get no business because of this policy, they’ll change it.

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  1. Does this fall under availability of public accommodations? Or would it not, since it’s a private business?

    In any case, I want to know what happens to someone whose photo matches their presentation, but whose gender marker does not. What are they going to tell them to do about it? They’re basically telling people to go out and obtain false identification.

  2. VickieDavis says:

    I can fly on an airplane and Homeland Security does not care if my ID matches my presentation, but Hunter’s does care? Amazing! They were trans friendly a few years ago, but they sure are not now.

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