Wonky RSS?

I’m getting reports that my RSS feed has gone wonky again, except that it’s not wonky everywhere. So I’m wondering for those of you who are having problems, what your feed reader is. So far, this seems like it’s a Google RSS Reader problem.

6 Replies to “Wonky RSS?”

  1. Works fine in Apple’s RSS reader (Mail). And both formats of your feed pass the W3C validator, for what that’s worth.

  2. It’s wonky in Google Reader. It’s odd, though, because I’ve been using this reader for a long time, and your blog is the only one that ever got spammed.

  3. It’s hard not to like Teh Google, when they do cute things like the custom Google logo designs (today’s was War of The Worlds, in honor of HG Wells), but as I’ve e-mailed Helen, I get the pharmacrap, too. Plus, sometimes there’s really obnoxious web ads (on the RSS reader) that relate only peripherally to the post. For example, Atrios at Eschaton posted a derogatory quickie called “Journalism”, with a link to a particularly egregious piece of Fox News stupidity. The ad underneath read “Mission: to recruit, equip, place and encourage journalists who are Christians in the mainstream newsrooms of America”, which linked to some wingnut nutbag evangelicals. Sorry, DO NOT WANT Jeebus in my newsrooms.

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