Gendered Recession

& Here’s some classist bullshit from The NY Times. The question put to me by my friend who sent it:

“So, was working for women always a dog walking on its hind legs sort of thing? News: Upper class educated w choices have fewer than they’d like right now, but, don’t worry, their friends will hire them. What about the women who never had the choice and had to balance the job and the commute?”

Exactly. So for the record: this article is not about how the recession is affecting women. It’s about how it’s affecting a tiny tiny tiny privileged minority of women.

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  1. When I read this in the NYT I was disgusted. These are the women who took on the raising of their children as if it was their latest work project, claiming the Parent Teacher Association as their own little fiefdom, only letting in the Popular Girl Moms, the ones who my child called the “Barbie Moms.” Using that as a platform to get their children the choicest teachers, special treatment, sitting in the office doing busywork and hovering over their children’s lives, demeaning me for not being there and blocking me from being any part of it, as if it were high school. Talking about all they had given up to do this. Showing each other their purchases paid for by husband’s charge cards. And now that everyone is struggling, really struggling, and their children are in college, they waltz right back in to the jobs that people who spent the time working their way up aren’t going to get.

    Makes me think fondly of the movie Carrie.

  2. Most of the strongest and admirable women I know still haven’t been able to finish their education, because they take spending quality time in raising their children *well* seriously, and have been working all along to support them, not getting those good jobs because they haven’t been able to finish school. They’re taking a class or two at a time, losing sleep, worrying about insurance. They need the job to pay for school, but they need the school to get a better job.

    If only they had the money to *make* investments that could plunge in value!

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