Caster Semenya Tested

Hers, ours, mostly our patience will be tested, but results have shown that she has no ovaries, but internal testes. I wish we could all just leave her alone, but I wish her well in contending with this new information.

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  1. Well, perhaps after the Caster Semenya magazine cover the debate should be over. The Caster Semenya magazine cover certainly has let people see her with a makeover and she appears very feminine. However, according to rumor, a leak of the gender test results the South African sprinter had to undertake revealed that she is a hermaphrodite. True hermaphroditism is when an organism has both male and female reproductive features and organs. In humans, there are numerous ways in which some form of sexual diffusion can occur, some relatively benign, and some crippling. Either way, the Caster Semenya magazine cover might lead some to think that online payday loans towards finding her gender might be ill spent.

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