I’ve just been reading some good stuff over at On the Issues: this piece about misogyny & this one about biology & the binary & this one about the long history of bias against women in science (a la Darwin… Continue Reading

The Problem with Facebook

I meet a lot of lovely people as a result of writing two books, and I meet them via email, online, on social networking sites. Recently on FB, I decided to restrict who I friended to people I’d met, people… Continue Reading

Happy Birthday Mara!

A very happy birthday to Mara Keisling of NCTE! To thank her for all her hard work, make a donation for her birthday.

Ants & Ultravox

Weird, but kinda nice. Courtesy of Ron Hogan.

What a Way To Go

Rep. Carolyn Maloney will be sad, as will the rest of his family, but wow: if you’re going to go, Cliff Maloney did it right.

Pantsed Polanski

They finally got Roman Polanski.

LOL Haters

Fantastic response to the Phelps gang. This one’s my favorite:


What kind of bullshit is this? Cops are taking a photo with a student they’ve got down on his knees? What?!

Brooklyn, Oct 7: Trans Hate Crimes Forum

Special Event – Transgender Hate Crimes: Victims, Their Families & Advocates Speak Out Transgender people face pervasive discrimination, harassment and violence. Leslie Mora and Carmella Etienne—victims of hate crimes in two separate incidents in Queens—are witnesses to the violence that… Continue Reading

ENDA Hearings

The Congressional Hearings about ENDA happened yesterday, & you can find the archived webcast on the website of the Committee on Education & Labor. You can also catch excerpts on YouTube. Watch, read, listen, but then: Contact the Capitol Switchboard… Continue Reading

Paulina Ibarra’s Killer Wanted

Another murder of another trans woman. Enough.

Stupid Tests

In an article detailing how some of Ms. Semenya’s people knew there might be something up about her gender, a CNN article blithely describes the history of gender testing: The process of gender verification has undergone big changes since it… Continue Reading

Midwest Gender Resources

You have ’em, I need them. I met someone at TransOhio who writes the Midwest GenderQueer blog. & Of course there’s TransOhio. & The Big Gay Conference (2009’s site is here, but I haven’t found 2010’s yet). But I need… Continue Reading


Yesterday was Elephant Appreciation Day & I missed it. I love elephants. (You can see more at the HuffPo post about it.)

Hunter’s Sucks

This bar’s new ID policy is utter bullshit and transphobic nonsense. Hunter’s has benefited from trans patronage for years, but now wants to keep trans people out. Maybe the patrons who are against the policy can swap IDs at the… Continue Reading

Comedians Make the Point

Protect Insurance Companies PSA from Will Ferrell

RIP Jim Carroll

Damn, Jim Carroll died. I missed the news probably because he died on 9/11 this year, & that’s the day I avoid the news (because every clever media asshole thinks it’s a good idea to replay footage that still traumatizes… Continue Reading

“And the next day they were dead.”

Have people seen this video of Tom Duane arguing to cap the cost of shelters? It’s amazing.

Wonky RSS?

I’m getting reports that my RSS feed has gone wonky again, except that it’s not wonky everywhere. So I’m wondering for those of you who are having problems, what your feed reader is. So far, this seems like it’s a… Continue Reading

Gendered Recession

& Here’s some classist bullshit from The NY Times. The question put to me by my friend who sent it: “So, was working for women always a dog walking on its hind legs sort of thing? News: Upper class educated… Continue Reading