America Needs Health Insurance

If you know anyone who is buying the bullshit about involuntary euthanasia for older people or *whatever* bullshit is out there, just have them watch this:

You can read about it, too, at HuffPo.

As an American, it makes me ashamed, very, very ashamed. Please give Obama your support, and your representatives an earful (especially those of you in those goddamn blue dog Democrat districts).

3 Replies to “America Needs Health Insurance”

  1. My uncle forwarded me an email imploring me – in Jesus’ name – to spread a thick stew of lies about healthcare reform. (No, the email didn’t *say* they were lies.)

    I sent him back a passionate plea to be more careful about the truth, and to forward THAT to his friends. How are people supposed to believe us about resurrected Jews if we take part in lies about commonplace matters?

  2. I don’t know what the problem is.
    All we have to do is collect the names of those who don’t want socialized medicine, put them in a hat, and when someone without insurance needs health care, pick a name out of the hat and make them responsible for the bill.
    People will get treated and those who fear socialism can relax, the cost won’t be spread across everybody.

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