Sexism & The Trans

On the Issues magazine has been around a long while, and over its history has published some very cool writers. Today I’m pleased to have joined the list, with an essay called “How a Feminist Found Her Sexism” for their summer issue which is entirely about gender.

From an article about sex selection & abortion:

While sex selection abortion allows women to make what is, in a sense, the ultimate in supposedly informed consumerism, it also can work to create a world where being female is viewed as the primary and most terminal of birth defects.

I’m very much looking forward to reading the whole of it.

2 Replies to “Sexism & The Trans”

  1. Great article, Helen. Fascinating.

    (And how did I miss knowing that Betty is a pool shark?! I grew up with a pool table in the basement.)

  2. Helen,

    I just read your article and have to say you rock! I read both of your books, but because of my own background I didn’t really find anything all that moving for me personally. This article on the otherhand was, is, just amazing. Well written, full of passion, discovery and honesty. It’s heart warming and reminds me of my own life changes that shaped my view of myself, the ‘verse, and feminism. You Rock!


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