Two Tune Tuesday: Love & Rockets

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These songs still sounds so stunningly good to me. & They are great to play loud while driving. If you’re us they are, at least.

4 Replies to “Two Tune Tuesday: Love & Rockets”

  1. They were unbelievable in their heyday, too bad they lost most of their magic of late. The Seventh Dream album would still likely be in my top 10 all time on any given day. Even met Danny and David at a club back in 1997, Danny in particular was such a genuinely nice guy. Great post!!!

  2. OK Ms. Boyd, the last time you did this I became the owner of a 2 CD “best of” Elvis Costello. Will the same repeat with Love & Rockets…

  3. these are the people who used to be Bauhaus and were temporarily Tones on Tail, as well. since i’ve covered ToT, i suppose i owe a two tune tuesday to bauhaus.

  4. I have very strong memories of L & R, playing very loudly in the car on weekends, driving to a friend’s base (Marine Corps) at 29 Palms. Every time I hear Haunted or anything on Earth Sun Moon, I’m back on the roads of a California desert. It’s lovely.

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