Cartrouble Oh Yeah

No kidding, we bought a car. I don’t even drive, which makes it kind of hysterical, but we were tired of spending a buttload moving back here & returning to NYC, & it had grown increasingly difficult to live here without one. Since Betty is moving here next year to live with me – so that our whole family can be together! – neither of us could imagine a year asking friends to take us to buy groceries.

So, a car. A Honda Fit Sport in bluish purplish black, for those who need to know. It’s a stick, which means I’ll be learning to drive x2.

(The post title is from an Adam & the Ants song, which I’ve been humming under my breath for a few weeks no.)

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  1. Ironically enough, I’ve always wanted to live close enough to stores so we could do our groceries on foot. I’d love to use mass transit, if only we had some for the general population — there’s only school buses! Everything good here is at least a half hour’s drive.

  2. “Mass transit”…..”learning to drive”……The ways of the people in the East fascinate us simple Westerners.

    The Honda Fit is a rockin’ car and the color sounds great. Congratulations.

  3. Best wishes on driving lessons x 2. Or maybe squared. 🙂 Sweetie insisted we get an automatic — first time for me — but now she doesn’t drive at all, and I’m spoiled. Used to love the five-speed in our old Honda Accord.

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