TLDEF: Queens (Trans) Woman Beaten in Bias Crime

From TLDEF: We’re sad to bring you the news of another brutal attack on a transgender woman, this one coming during the height of LGBT Pride month. On June 19, 2009, at approximately 2:30 am, Leslie Mora was walking home… Continue Reading

New Hero: Biologist Matt Aresco

CNN did a condescending story about the turtles being saved in Tallahassee a little while back; the newscaster (Abbie Boudreau, I think) who delivered the story was obnoxious, unsympathetic, & completely failed to present the benefits of the project in… Continue Reading

Shame on Law & Order: CI

(spoiler alert for tonight’s episode)

Iran’s Revolutionary Women

Roger Cohen followed up his column mentioning the women of Iran with a column about them entirely: A friend told me he no longer recognizes his wife. She’d been of the reluctantly acquiescent school. Now, “She’s a revolutionary.” I followed… Continue Reading

Pride Month: Honoring Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman has always been one of my heroes, and that’s despite the fact that she never quite said that famous quote attributed to her about dancing & revolution. Or rather, she didn’t say the t-shirt version. What she said… Continue Reading

Appleton > Brooklyn

In the next two days, we’ll be driving back to Brooklyn, so I may not post here much.

Colbert Report’s “Stonewalling”

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c The Word – Stonewalling Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor Mark Sanford (I got myself in trouble a long time ago for writing a short story about a lesbian teenager… Continue Reading

MJ, Again

& Then there is the issue of whether Michael Jackson was trans or not. I don’t think it’s anything we can know, but it wouldn’t have surprised me, or Betty, if he had announced a transition at some point.


It’s a lot of death in a week: first Ed McMahon, who we knew was ailing; then Farrah Fawcett, who was fighting her illness with bravery and in the spotlight, and then Michael Jackson – who was always ailing, invisibly.… Continue Reading

Latin LGBT Bloggers

They certainly don’t get enough credit, in general, but here are’s “7 GLBT Bloggers to Watch” – including Charlie Vázquez (who I read with for the Queer + Catholic readings last year). How can you not read someone who… Continue Reading

Korean FTM Documentary

It’s the 1st Korean film about the FTM experience, & it’s called 3xFTM. Here for more details. (h/t to Matty)

ENDA on the Move

ENDA is being introduced tomorrow in the House! Our next step is to call our Representatives and ask them to cosponsor of ENDA.  Below is a script to use. It is essential that we flood their lines to let them… Continue Reading

Spelling is Hard

“English Only” advocates at their own conference standing under a banner where the word “conference” is spelled wrong. Maybe that explains why they’re so adamant: they need to master their first language, first. (via Think Progress and The Atlantic, &… Continue Reading

Not Atypical Father

My friend Willow directed me to this narrative written by a woman on Father’s Day. I’ve heard too many similar stories for one lifetime. It made me think of that line uttered by Dmitri Karamazov: “There are fathers and there… Continue Reading

NYPD Stonewall Documents Now Online

Wow: Jonanthan Ned Katz & David Carter filed an FOI (Freedom of Information Act) to get NYPD documents for the days of the Stonewall uprising, and has put those documents up at The New York Times has done a… Continue Reading

Triple Threat

Not only is it Father’s Day, but it’s the Solsitice and my friend Lara’s birthday!  At least here in Appleton, Wisconsin, the weather is great for celebrating any and all of these. So happy father’s day to the dads out… Continue Reading

Women in Iran

I also know that Iran’s women stand in the vanguard. For days now, I’ve seen them urging less courageous men on. I’ve seen them get beaten and return to the fray. “Why are you sitting there?” one shouted at a… Continue Reading

With Them.

There are so many articles about the protests in Iran, but in a sense, this photo says it all for me. (Image from the TimesOnline.)

Pixar’s UP

Pixar shows the world how it’s done: Colby Curtin, a 10-year-old girl suffering from terminal vascular cancer, told her mom that she wanted to live to see Pixar’s Up. But before she could visit the theater, her condition became too… Continue Reading

Cartrouble Oh Yeah

No kidding, we bought a car. I don’t even drive, which makes it kind of hysterical, but we were tired of spending a buttload moving back here & returning to NYC, & it had grown increasingly difficult to live here… Continue Reading