SF: GID Protest 5/18/09

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  1. Protest what, in particular? I, for one, am grateful for insured access to my therapist, despite the stigma of being ‘pathologized’ in the DSM.

    For better or worse, members of the trans community need access to the medical community. If GID is taken entirely from DSM, what remit does the APA have? And if the trans community is not under the umbrella of the APA, who in the medical community will champion the need for intervention?

    There should be better than the status quo, no doubt, but who is articulating it? I don’t pretend to have the answers; just an aversion to protests that don’t offer better answers.

  2. I don’t get it. Are they against the inclusion of GID in the DSM, or is this to protest Zucker’s chairmanship of the work group? There’s nothing on the web site except the flier, so that’s no help in clearing it up. I’d guess it’s the former though, which is troubling. This isn’t analogous to listing homosexuality in the DSM, because homosexuality doesn’t require medical intervention. GID (sometimes? usually?) does. And as br2216 noted, there are benefits to having a specific diagnosis. If people are concerned about being stigmatized as mentally ill, then they should be protesting our culture’s attitudes about mental illness.

    I want to echo br2216’s last statement. Don’t invite me to a protest. Attract me to a vision.

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