Trans Equality & the Feds

NCTE asks:

What would federal policy look like if transgender people were fully and fairly included? Over the past months and years, NCTE has compiled a list of 112 separate policies that directly impact the lives of transgender people and our families that need to be added, removed or changed. Our latest publication, “Transgender Equality and the Federal Government” outlines each of these issues. We expect that some of these policies can be changed in the short term, while others will require long term activism. Some of the issues here will be at the forefront of NCTE’s work in the coming year and in other areas, our partners in this work will be the ones to lead, with our support.

You can read that document online, or check out in .pdf format.

One Reply to “Trans Equality & the Feds”

  1. I completely love the fact that NCTE rolls up their collective sleeves and digs into stuff like this. They get their hands dirty, they do hard work (this is not a glory project), and they get results, one little nugget at a time. They get my activism support dollars every year, no questions asked.

    5 or 10 or 20 years hence, when trans rights are codified and taken for granted, I suspect we’ll be looking back at a wall of progress, built by NCTE and organizations like them, one brick at a time.

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