IFGE 2009: “Disordered No More”

This year I didn’t get to IFGE & this year, Julia Serano & Joelle Ruby Ryan both went. What’s up with that? (Actually, I was expecting to be able to attend in Philly in April but they moved the whole conference to DC in February, when i was teaching too much to be able to attend.)

Either way, they & Kelley Winters presented a panel called “Disordered No More” about GID diagnosis. Lynn Conway, who was also there, has posted a ton of the information they presented, including excepts from all three of their presentations (or in some cases, the whole paper).

So for those of us who couldn’t attend, we can at least read up on their presentations, which is a very cool thing indeed.

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  1. Well, for a change , I actually read some of the stuff they posted and its really good stuff! I looked at the pictures of some of the women at the luncheon and had a new feeling for me; recognition, connection and a sense of, well, sisterhood.
    These women are older, younger, taller, thinner, heavier; in other words a typical crowd of women. I don’t have to “fit in” to be a trassexual woman, I just AM one. I’m beginning to get a glimmer of what natal women have to deal with in terms of fitting the culture’s image.
    I’m proud to be trans.

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