(Was a) Contender

I got a phonecall today, just moments after Betty finished talking to my Trans Lives course. It was a woman from A Room of Her Own Foundation <start holding breath>, who wanted to talk to me about my application for the $50k grant that they offer yearly.

She wanted me to know that I was among the top 6 finalists this year, and that the committee were very impressed with my work and hoped that I would keep writing.

& Then she clarified that I was in the top 6 finalists but had not won it. </end holding breath>

That close. Yes, I am happy to hear I was in such esteemed ranks. They received 750 applications, & someone who is better at math can tell me what percentage I made it into as one of the top 6. My name and my work will be featured in all the publicity materials about the award, and that’s cool too.

But wow. $50k. That close nearly hurts.

Still, I am incredibly pleased to be recognized as – well, as a contender.

8 Replies to “(Was a) Contender”

  1. Wow! How exciting! I mean, well, really it is! Top 6, and you get some publicity – YAY! Also, I hope this encourages you to keep applying for this stuff! You’re amazing.

  2. Wow! The top 8/10th of 1% is definitely something to feel good about! I’m with VivaZoya- keep trying, you’re obviously doing something right!

  3. Excellent! I know it’s disappointing. I hope that when you get past the sting, you can feel that you did really well. At some level it’s not a matter of better or worse, it’s that they preferred a different flavor — this time, anyway. Just keep at it.

  4. I’m sorry, Helen. I can’t imagine anyone more deserving than you are. Still, it’s an amazing achievement to be one of the finalists, and you should be very proud of yourself amidst the disappointment.


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