Two Tune Tuesday

Lately I’ve been listening to music again. I’m not sure why except that Betty isn’t around a lot so I can poke through more of the weird stuff I tend to like. Or maybe it’s because she got so happy about discovering The Killers lately, while I’ve been gloomily humming along with Devotchka or mumbling, guiltily, that damn Beyonce song that glues itself to your head & will not come unglued.

But either way I thought it might be nice to do a “twofer” on Tuesdays after putting together that little Cramps sampler on Saturday. I’m not going to make any rules, like it has to be two by the same band, but sometimes it will be. & It won’t always be old, or always new, or always anything but two songs I think you should maybe hear.

I really did always want to be a DJ.

So this is more than two. But it’s XTC. & Two is not enough.

Get a playlist!

& A very happy birthday to my lovely mom & my nephew Greg!