Oppressed Christians

Has anyone else seen this video? It’s unbelievably paranoid, no?

I’m not sure what part of “your religion stops where my government starts” they don’t understand. They can say anything they want, and usually do. What they can’t do is fire someone for being homosexual, or censor television whose morality they don’t approve of. That’s it. They just don’t get to control shit for the rest of us. But they are perfectly free to avoid watching shows with gay characters, they don’t need to go to same sex weddings, etc. etc.

I’m never going to get this kind of “I don’t get to control you therefore I’m oppressed” type of thinking.

2 Replies to “Oppressed Christians”

  1. I know nothing about the book, but I have a hard time believing those out-of-context quotes weren’t actually being used to say something different than what these people are presenting. It just makes no sense otherwise.

    Christians have power in the United States. But that makes a lot of the evangelical types uncomfortable. Christians aren’t supposed to be running things. They’re supposed to be persecuted and downtrodden for their faith. Since they’re not, some people seem to figure they have to twist things to make it seem as though they are.

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