Thanks, NYC

I’m very proud of my hometown for being kick-ass in an emergency, as always. I’ve lived through more than one in NYC – 9/11, the blackout – but those shoes of those people lined up on the plane’s wings in… Continue Reading


I’ve had the remarkable good fortune to teach Freshman Studies at Lawrence this term, which is a class Freshmen take, a kind of critical thinking course. We’ve already talked about Milgram and his obedience studies, and next up is Gilliam’s… Continue Reading

Toni Rocks

from yesterday’s Dr. Phil show. It seems the typical “poor mom” trans kids show until Toni confronts the reparative doctor.

1st Trans Officer of State Dems

From National Stonewall Democrats: Washington, DC – Today, the Stonewall Democrats congratulated Laura Calvo upon her election as Treasurer of the Democratic Party of Oregon. Calvo, a seasoned Democratic operative, becomes the first openly-transgender officer of a state Democratic party.… Continue Reading

Betty Update

Betty is home from the hospital and curling up to sleep with our Aurora, who missed her very much.

Gendery Blogs

It may be an advertising hook, but this list of gender-y blogs is pretty thorough, covering feminist issues, LGBT issues, and even folks like me. Transgender Workplace made it, as did other sites I contribute to, like Trans Group Blog… Continue Reading

Don’t Let Him Get Away With It

On May 16, 2007, Sean Kennedy, a 20-year old gay man, was attacked on the streets of Greenville, South Carolina. He died of his injuries later that night. Yet, because of the lack of hate crimes legislation, his attacker may… Continue Reading

Sick Betty

Despite her having promised to quit with the medical shenanigans starting in 2009, my sweetie is now in our local hospital with atypical pneumonia. She went to the emergency room last night because she couldn’t breathe. (I called her a… Continue Reading

What You Don’t Need

It’s not good news, but it ends pretty optimistically. Worth watching.

10 Days In

After a nearly balmy 10 days in Appleton – it’s been aboug 20 degrees everyday – on Tuesday it’s meant to plunge to 2 degrees, and by Thursday, to 0. I am amazed by how much I don’t mind the… Continue Reading

Gainesville’s Fight

Allyson Robinson posted this message about Equality Florida’s fight for a gender-inclusive non-discrimination law in Gainesville, Florida on our message boards, & I thought it deserved a larger audience: Many of you are aware of the fight brewing in Gainesville,… Continue Reading

Naming All the Parts

Today I’ll be covering Kate Bornstein’s “Naming All the Parts” chapter of Gender Outlaw with my Gender Studies 100 class. It’s always an interesting thing to bring up hankie codes with undergraduates. It’s the chapter in which she passes on… Continue Reading

Commissioner for Human Rights

The Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe has released a statement about transgender people, discrimination, violence, and human rights that is stunningly thorough and well-articulated. Here’s an example: To require surgery as a prerequisite to enjoy legal… Continue Reading

She’s Gone

She left today, right before I had to leave for a lecture about Milgram, and I watched her cab pull away and I counted the days in my head: about 35 before she’s back, a little over a month. At… Continue Reading


This is just too beautiful. I knew about Tara & Bella, but I’d never seen a clip specifically about them & their friendship.

Freedom to Marry

A study done by two NYU researchers shows that in fact, party, ideology, frequency of religious service, and age were far more important factors than race in the defeat of Prop 8. So at long last, we can put this… Continue Reading

Congress Is Back

From the NCTE: Today, January 6, Members of Congress raise their right hand and swear to uphold the Constitution as they begin the new legislative session. Let’s make sure the first thing they hear about is the importance of an… Continue Reading

Start of Term

Sorry for this boring post, but today was the 1st day of classes, which means tomorrow is the first day of Trans Lives, and it’s 2 hours at a time, which means I need to be well-rested because they won’t… Continue Reading

Deaths in Memphis

There is a diarist at Daily Kos who has written about the high incidence of murder of African American trans women. Queerty (tongue in cheerk) predicts Memphis will reach out to the trans community as a result. I doubt it.… Continue Reading

Riddle Me This

A slight altercation in the partners’ group got me thinking: what is the difference between (1) changing your expectations of what your partner is actually able to bring to the table and (2) simply lowering your standards?