Friend of “Fags” Bubba

My friend James Hipps of called a radio morning show after the DJs used “fag” on the air today, and he ended up on the air.

You’ve got to hear it.

Forget the gay-baiting. The gender-baiting is astounding. Is this how it is now? That a guy can be “pro gay marriage” and still a hateful schmuck?

4 Replies to “Friend of “Fags” Bubba”

  1. I don’t understand this claim that “fag” is not the same as “nigger.” How are they not the same? Why is the latter offensive for these guys but not the former? They never justified it, they just assert it.

    Why am I not surprised at the misogyny that goes along with this?

    Did they repeatedly call James “ma’am”? It didn’t sound like “man.”

  2. The question I’d like to hear someone ask “Bubba” and other such people is this: When someone says you’re doing something that hurts them, you could either a) stop doing it, or b) continue. Why would you continue? If you accidentally step on someone’s foot in a crowd, and they say “Ouch!” would you apologize, or would you try to convince them that it really didn’t hurt because you didn’t mean any harm?

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