Go MA!

And in the meantime, Massachusetts proves itself the most civilized of all our states, for changing its law on what it takes to change your gender marker on your license:

The new policy requires a person who wishes to change the gender marker on their state issued identification to submit an updated application together with a Gender Designation Change Form, signed by him or her and a medical provider attesting to the gender that the individual considers himself or herself to be. The policy no longer requires a person to submit medical proof of sex reassignment surgery or an amended birth certificate.

Leading me to conclude that the best place to live as a quasi same sex couple when one of you is trans is Massachusetts.

5 Replies to “Go MA!”

  1. That’s cool, but it’s only for the DL or state ID, nothing more, which several states already allow. Washington (state) reversed direction this year requiring an amended BC to change the DL, when they only required two letters (therapist and physician) and a 10 day wait before. They went backwards.

    It’s progressive, but I don’t see where it changes much because the BC is still required for many other state or federal documents (some only need confirmation letters), and it still doesn’t change marriage laws or requirements.

    But it’s better.

  2. Indiana didn’t require Dana to provide proof of surgery either. Just a note from a medical provider that she fulfilled the requirements or some other vague wording. Which led me conclude that Indiana was the best place to be a married couple when one of you is trans! =p hehe

  3. Wonderful! I guess when people aren’t so afraid that is going to morally defile the country you can get reasonable laws passed…

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