A very happy New Year!

I still have very limited internet access here in snowy Wisconsin, but should be up & running at home by Saturday. Hopefully, fingers crossed. If you’re trying to get a hold of me, for whatever reason, please be patient.

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  1. Gosh — what’s going on with the boards?? I’ve only been a member there for a little while, but it’s already kind of a big deal in my life. And I don’t know anything about “partners are being dismissed…”?? Or “me-ism. (Double question marks again). I must be so new there that I didn’t catch what was happening.

    Anyway, I was feeling all nostalgic and wanted to log on to wish everybody a happy new year — I still do! Happy New Year! — and, well, whatever… Happy New Year!

    I hope we can get this sorted out…

  2. ciao!..i am jackie from roma,italy.i want to give to all of you my reguards..happy new year..all wishes you have in the deep of your heart could became reality!kisses.your;)

  3. A really happy new year to both you.

    Whatever you decide about the board it’s been really helpful to me; a big thanks to you for that.

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