Trans Activism in the Heartland

Ann at Feministing posted about this really good article from The American Prospect about trans activism in the heartland and a companion article about gay activism’s slow adoption of trans issues. Many would view the politically red heart of the… Continue Reading

Dan Savage, Parent

Dan Savage in the NYT on the Arkansas ruling prohibiting unmarried couples – not just gay and lesbian ones – from adopting or fostering children: That state’s Proposed Initiative Act No. 1, approved by nearly 57 percent of voters last… Continue Reading

Danish Girl’s Wife

It turns out that Nicole Kidman will be playing Lili Elbe in the upcoming movie The Danish Girl. Her wife will be played by Charlize Theron. Thoughts: The movie is based on the book The Danish Girl. With Theron &… Continue Reading

Veterans Day

First, thank you to all the Veterans out there who have served this country with honor and courage. Second, the results of the survey TAVA (Transgender American Veterans’ Association) conducted are available on their website. From their press release: The… Continue Reading

Duanna Johnson

Duanna Johnson was murdered Sunday night. You may remember her as the woman who pressed charges after dealing with harassment by Memphis police. She was shot execution style while on her “usual corner.” I’m tired of this. I want there… Continue Reading

Keith Olbermann on Marriage


OC Column

I’ve already lost track of how many columns I’ve written for Our Chart, but the third of my triptych about monogamy is up at Our Chart. Do check it out.

Miriam Makeba

Miriam Makeba died on Sunday right after she finished a concert in Italy. She was a South African singer who I first discovered on a collection of music from the tv show Northern Exposure (of which I was, & am,… Continue Reading

Protest Prop 8: Nov 15th

Protests against Prop 8 are being planned for just about everywhere on Saturday, November 15th. You can find out where a protest local to you is by checking


TIC (Translating Identities Conference) happened yesterday at UVM (University of Vermont @ Burlington) and Kate Bornstein – who spoke there – posted this lovely sign.

Employment Non-Discrimination

On Twitter, Gunner Scott of GenderCrash directed me to the new Obama-Biden administration’s employment policy, which says: The Obama-Biden Transition Project does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender… Continue Reading

Purple America

(thanks to Lena & Princeton for the image)

1st Trans Mayor

Stu Rasmussen is my new favorite person. Here’s his mayor’s page, with his photo prominently displayed.

Kittoi Comforts

I haven’t cat blogged for a while, but I took this photo of the boys recently & couldn’t resist. Aren’t they just too adorable? This was right after Aeneas came home, after his surgery, and he seems very happy to… Continue Reading

Marriage Equality Corridor

For those who have been feeling frustrated and sad about Prop 8, Charles Kaiser at OpenSalon says: Therefore, this week’s victories for the religious right in California, Arizona and Florida are really the last gasp of a fringe movement trying … Continue Reading

Boulder: TRANSforming Gender 2008

TRANSforming Gender 2008, the third annual trans themed conference here at the University of Colorado, Boulder, is happening tomorrow, November 7th. (This is the conference me & Julia Serano & Matt Kailey & Dylan Scholinksi spoke at last year.) This… Continue Reading

Musical Salve

A group of musicians from all over the world got to play together for a documentary about the unifying beauty of music. Bill Moyers interviews the director and shows a clip from the film. Gorgeous stuff. Like a salve after… Continue Reading

Safe House

Barbara Carrellas told me that tonight, this night that Obama won, her next door neighbor put a candle on their doorstep & a white handkerchief on the doorknob: the sign of a safe house during the time of the Underground… Continue Reading


Good News: Barack Obama is going to be the next president of these United States. Bad News: AZ will ban same sex marriage AR will ban same sex couples from adopting children FL will ban gay marriage (& Prop 8… Continue Reading

Keeping Me Sane

Okay, here’s some cool stuff that we’ve been finding online: BBC photos of the election Is Obama president yet? website The comments on DailyKos from when Obama won the Senate seat in 04 The US electoral system as described by… Continue Reading