Maddow Style

Did anyone else notice that Rachel Maddow seemed “poofier” tonight? Maybe it was just her hair. Maybe it was an accident. It’s not so different than how she usually looks, but different enough that I noticed. And was distracted by it.

Please, MSNBC, don’t make her over into a fembot, not when she can look like this. Which jeez louise, even I find hot hot hot. Personally, I love that she makes all the women on TV look kind of overdone with the big hair and big jewelry and pounds of makeup. It’s like she’s introduced a new gender to television, and it’s about time someone did!

& Here’s an article from New York magazine about her, if you can’t get enough!

5 Replies to “Maddow Style”

  1. I too have noticed this…

    It seems that, about once or twice a week, someone decides that she “needs more makeup.”

    I don’t get this. Not at all.

    And yeah… She’s *hawt*.

  2. Yes, that’s the word I was looking for! Poofier! Last night, it *was* her hair. It was all…feathered, across the front, rather than being gelled up & out of the way. And she looked softer, with more eye makeup on than usual. And, yes, her makeup varies all over the place. I so appreciate that when she is off-camera she is still herself; I love the pics of her in her big ol’ clunky black rimmed glasses, funky shoes and work shirts. She’s a great role model in that respect and I hope that fame and success do not change that too much…Google:
    “Rachel Maddow” makeup
    …and you will find that you (we) are not alone. Perhaps she’s finding her television style, maybe it’s pushed on her by MSNBC, to make her more “presentable”, but if so they are totally missing the mark. Her target audience clearly prefers her to be herself; it speaks volumes about her credibility.


  3. Oh, stop. It’s probably just the humidity. So she’s gone a little John Edwards with the hair – it’s not like she put in extensions. And why assume MSNBC is femming her up? Maybe she’s just ovulating. (Oh, yes I did..)

    I think Rach would smirk somethin’ serious at this shallow cosmetic analysis.


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