Trans for Obama: Lena + Votes

& A new blog post from Lena Dahlstrom, our very own straight DQ and fashionista.

We’re at 142 people and $9020! Let’s reach 200, folks – keep it going.

The donations are good but it’s the votes that count – and every donation, no matter how small, counts as a vote! Stand up & be counted, trans democrats!

(We’re really need Obama in office if this bailout measure doesn’t pass, which it looks like it won’t.)

5 Replies to “Trans for Obama: Lena + Votes”

  1. Yes! It’s been voted down… for now.

    Look, this is Iraq 2003 all over again. If it was really as bad as the Bush Admin. says it is, he wouldn’t be threatening vetoes for language he didn’t like.

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