Conservative for Obama

Posted by – September 24, 2008

A remarkable, short column by Wick Allison, a former Editor of The National Review and current Editor in Chief of D Magazine, where this piece appears.

This sentence, especially, stood out:

It gives me comfort just to think that after eight years of George W. Bush we will have a president who has actually read the Federalist Papers.

Do read the comments and reactions; it’s a very interesting set of opinions, all pretty articulate.

5 Comments on Conservative for Obama

  1. divadarya says:

    Thanks for this, Helen.
    It’s making me think that the real divide in our country is less Republican vs. Democrat than “Thoughtful” versus “Thoughtless”.

  2. VivaZoya says:

    This was brilliant. I couldn’t have said it better. Damnit.
    DivaD, I agree. It really is.

  3. traceldel says:

    Fabulous column! I copied it and forwarded it widely. It’s what I would say if I could talk to conservatives!

  4. tinasim02 says:

    It’s a good column, and reading the comments, I echo what DivaD said as well.

  5. jadecath says:

    Yeah. I’ve been composing my “Dear John (McCain)” letter in my head, but Mr. Alison beat me to it.

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