Post-Blogging the DNC

I didn’t blog tonight because I was busy worrying about Betty and having dinner with my sister.

I don’t care what anyone else thinks — I think (Bill) Clinton’s speech was mediocre. For him, & for this campaign. Were I his speechwriting consultant, I would have sent him back to the drawing board. It was too safe, nearly mealy-mouthed. This is the man who defined what is is, after all.

Who did rock tonight was John Kerry. His talk left me thinking, as I did with (Hillary) Clinton’s, where the hell was that during their own campaigns? Kerry had his claws out, & that was lovely.

Biden’s rocked too (though it’s not yet up on YouTube). & Yes, I’m biased, since he’s a good Catholic boy from PA. But I just love that he’s made up for his stutter by being someone who speaks, sometimes too much, in public. In front of thousands. I haven’t liked him much since the Anita Hill fiasco, but he’s a good VP for Obama, and he gives good emotion. I especially liked what he said about America regaining the world’s trust.

What’s funniest is that I find myself agreeing with Pat Buchanan (who’s a regular commentator on MSNBC): Where’s Guatanamo? Where is the criticism of Cheney, that fucker? He’s a traitor and a shit and his approval rating is something like 18%. What about Rove? What about Valerie Plame? ATTACK, DEMOCRATS, ATTACK! These guys suck.

Here’s another thing: someone needs to get up & try to undo (Hillary) Clinton’s poison against Obama, specifically her charge about his “rhetoric.” We need rhetoric right now. Great leadership is not just about policy. It’s about Fireside Chats, and “nothing to fear but fear itself,” and “once more into the breach.” It’s about motivating people. & While no, we don’t need a motivational speaker as President, it doesn’t hurt when a guy as smart as Obama can move the masses with his words. I know I’ve needed someone to tell me to have hope, what with paying $900/month for health insurance that covers who the fuck knows what.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with your observations about the need for rhetoric at this time. There’s plenty of time for detailed policies when you’re finally in the White House. The Republicans are going to follow Rove & the Swift Boaters as models for this campaign. Rhetoric — be it on “hope,” or on detailing the disasters of the Bush administration — will be pivotal. If Obama runs his campaign correctly, this won’t be a pretty autumn political season. As Pat Buchanan says on a regular basis, “it’s time to take the battle to the Republicans.”

  2. Actually, Biden took several swipes at Cheney, and I thought “About damn time” when he did that. I do worry that the Democrats are going to be too nice, but, perhaps, that’s Obama’s personality coming through (at least his public personality, anyway).

  3. It is ironic how Senator Kerry has a backbone, unlike Candidate Kerry. Where was this Kerry four years ago? Griping aside, that was a good speech.

    Bill has had better speeches, but it was good. At least it was because I was multitasking (running a dungeon in WoW while listening via my Air America Radio stream).

    I think I’m actually starting to like Biden again. He sounded good, and that was a nice warm-up by his son. It all made Biden sound human. Maybe someday, too, he could help undo that bankruptcy bill.

    Now, they need to hit the Republicans – hard. They can go fuck themselves – hard.

    On to Mile-High!

  4. I’ll be looking forward to Obama’s positive rhetoric to wash away the stains in my ears left from eight years of Bush’s idiotic gaffes, outrageous lies, and insidious propaganda.

  5. Bill wasn’t talking about what he wanted to talk about, the legacy of his admin compared to President Bush. It is also very evident that he does not like the Obamas at all. Bill is a real political competitor. He does not like to lose.

    That speech was obligatory for three reasons IMHO. First, and most important, the Clintons owe about $24 million in campaign debt of which $12 million is direct personal debt. Obama has them over a barrel. If they don’t campaign for him, he won’t help them get out of debt. So far, Barack has only run two fund raisers for the Clintons only raising about $500,000. The Clintons are really pissed off about that.

    Second, if Bill did not endorse him, the Democratic establishment would pillorie him and Hilary. They want another shot at the WH. They can’t afford to have all those big donors mad at them for being luke warm for a Democratic Presidential nominee. IMHO, the Clintons have dominated the convention. This is their way to keep themselves in the forefront for 2012. They don’t think Obama can win. They would love to run again after the one term McCain admin.

    Third, Bill was President and still the symbolic head of the party. His speech struck me as strictly ceremonial.

    I know this sounds really caustic. But rule one with Bill and Hilary is, “Its always about them.”

  6. As a twice wounded Viet Vet that did see ground combat for 16 months in Quan Nam Province, RVN, I must confess I turned off John Kerry. I almost vomit when I even see his arrogant, pompous image. He betrayed every Vietnam Vet when he returned home. He lied and disgraced himself. He tried to disgrace us. He was known as a martinet and a terrible officer. He is one of the few Democrats that should have lost. I am glad he lost in 2004. It is a shame he was even given air time at the convention. He was one of the few Democrats I did not support. Indeed, he and his group, IMHO have massively damaged the Democratic Party.

    Many younger bloggers here can not understand those days or the effect they still have now.

    Please forgive this personal blog. It is an emotional issue for me. Viet Vets will never forgive John Kerry or Jane Fonda.

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