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Betty’s off to CO to get some necessary dental surgery – that’s dental, not genital – and will be gone for a few weeks since it’s such extensive surgery. And once again I’m in Brooklyn without her, and I’m always amazed at how purposeless I feel for the first day or so when she’s gone. I’m so used to her coming home and being her big self on the other side of the living room, playing songs for me or changing the channel or telling me about what’s going on in the lefty blogosphere.

What’s funny to me is how much I’ve always liked and appreciated time to myself, and how unused to having time alone I’ve become.

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  1. When DJ worked from home I went nuts, wanting time alone, well now I have it, not so great, miss the lunch time kisses………

    Enjoy the time alone, celebrate her when she comes home.

  2. I go through the same thing when my spouse is away. The first day or two feel very empty. Then I get used to it being just me and the cat, although I still miss her. And when we’re together again, I find I was not nearly as productive while she was gone as I thought I would be. :\

    Hope the weeks are good for you in unexpected ways!

  3. I have lived alone for so long, I wouldn’t know how to live with someone else. It is truly an art to live with someone. It is apparent you and Betty have mastered as you so miss her already.

    BTW: Just out of curiosity, what dental surgery would require going to CO? It is assumed that New York, Manhattan etc. has some of the finest dentistry around.

    It sounds like Betty has need of surgery that is extremely special.

    Wishing her well…..

  4. her cousin, who lives in CO, specializes in what she’s getting done. & since it’s extensive, we thought it would be good for her to be in very trustworthy hands. that, & he’s donating his labor.

  5. Thanks Helen….

    Needless to say, wishing Betty well while she is getting such major work done.


  6. Yes. Best of luck. Getting dental work done early prevents things from getting out of hand later. Putting it off is never a good idea.


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