Another Reason I Love Crossdressers

Posted by – June 23, 2008

Erica Foley, a blogger on TGB, recently decided to do a photo shoot that was inspired by the first few pages of My Husband Betty. If you remember it, it’s about why a woman wearing her husband’s shirt is considered sexy, while a man who’d put on his wife’s slip, isn’t.

So here he is being the girl enjoying her guy’s clothes- though of course the girl & the guy are one & the same:

Just love genderfuck like this. Love it.

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  1. Betty says:


  2. Catrina says:


    Too bad she wasn’t on the bed with her legs underneath her, hair flwoing down her back, looking behind her like the original ad that Helen referenced in MHB. Then she would have been playing her as her as him as her as…. and referencing MHB too… :)

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