Again, in Context

Betty has brought it to my attention that much of the lefty blogosphere is upset with Fr. Pfleger – that going to Obama’s church & mocking Hillary was not good for Obama, at all.

Which may be true. Surely it is. But that’s not what I was talking about.

I was talking only about the way that white people often deny white privilege & entitlement in ways that seem logical & make sense.  For the record.

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  1. I say more power to Fr. Pfleger; Hillary deserves that kind of mockery, in this case, with her inexcusable race-baiting. Frankly, I think he was being too kind to her. F the Corporate Media and the Republicans making hay out of this.

    OTOH, what’s with the politics from the pulpit?

  2. Helen dear…

    Again, you are most welcome to visit Chicago and go to a Fr. Pfleger service. I will be happy to drive you and Betty to his church.

    Might it be suggested though that most people in Chicago who know more of his motives consider him a hate filled racist. Instead of amplifying the unity of humanity by transcending the pettiness of skin color or gender, he amplifies the divisiveness of them. That is why those in Chicago were not surprised at his remarks.

    Tearing down the inequities of the past can not be done by amplifying the divisiveness that caused such illusion in the first place.

  3. Just an update if it was not national news, Fr. Pfleger has been fired from his parish by the Arch Bishop of Chicago. Officially it is due to his remarks about Hillary.

    Here is the inside scoop. Mayor Dailey couldn’t stand Pfleger for years, not because of his politics but because his bribery payoff level was too high (in some cities its called “election street money”). He also had too much clout with low income Blacks. So his gaff on Hillary was a great opportunity to get rid of him.

    Chicago has a massive amount of political clout invested in the Obama campaign. Everyone is drooling to extend Chicago style patronage and skim schemes to all that federal government cash flow. So it was really important to shut up Pfleger and some of the other radical leftists that are part of the Chicago monopolistic political scene.

    So Mayor Dailey connived with the Arch Diocese to appoint his cousin, who is a Roman Catholic parish priest to Pfleger’s church. In that way, “da Mayer” can control the comments that come out of those neighborhoods. He can write the script.

    It is how Chicago politics works.

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