White Privilege

& More on the Fr. Pfleger post! Someone wrote to me & said: I am Catholic as well, 1st generation Irish-American, I was poor, faced prejudice – and feel I owe nothing to Father Pfleger’s constituency. I feel I worked… Continue Reading

Again, in Context

Betty has brought it to my attention that much of the lefty blogosphere is upset with Fr. Pfleger – that going to Obama’s church & mocking Hillary was not good for Obama, at all. Which may be true. Surely it… Continue Reading

Fr. Michael Pfleger

When Catholics priests are righteous, they make me so damn happy. Shoot, I’d be a practicing Catholic again if I found a parish priest like him. For the record, it’s the beginning of this sermon that I like the most… Continue Reading

His Two Uncles

More on Governor Paterson’s decision: When David A. Paterson was growing up and his parents would go out of town, he and his little brother would stay in Harlem with family friends they called Uncle Stanley and Uncle Ronald. Uncle… Continue Reading

About Time

Finally I don’t have to be embarassed to be a NYer: Governor Paterson has decided that NY will recognize other states’ same-sex marriages! In a directive issued on May 14, the governor’s legal counsel, David Nocenti, instructed the agencies that… Continue Reading

Imbeach Push

Andrew Sullivan has just said outloud, so to speak, that Bush should be impeached. I suppose that would require proving that what McClennan has said in his book is true.

Birth & Death

There is a lot of language around transness that is about death/rebirth, & honestly, it always put me off. I didn’t like thinking about the idea of Jason dying (or Betty killing him off). It seems overly dramatic. But that’s… Continue Reading

Park Slope Drama

Oy vey…

Thank You

A thank you to all our current soldiers and our veterans today, and to the families of those people who often wait and worry in ways most of us can’t imagine. But an especial thank you to those LGBT veterans… Continue Reading

Not Just Hillary’s Problem

Marie Cocco’s column, in The Washington Post, about the misogyny expressed in Hillary Clinton-bashing, is quite eye-opening, I think. Not surprising to me, but seeing it laid out starkly in black and white is sobering nonetheless.

Firewater Redux

Right now, drunk, my only regret in life is not having had Tod A.’s lovechild. Really. Tonight at Southpaw, here in the Slope, they were amazing – from the female trombone player to the Sikh drummer who was goddamned amazing.I… Continue Reading

Go Ellen

If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth watching: Ellen puts John McCain in the hotseat over gay marriage.

The Other Two

& The other two most popular attractions for the French, when they come to visit NYC, after the Brooklyn Bridge: #2: The Statue of Liberty (because the French gave it to us, after all) #3: Harlem If you’re wondering about… Continue Reading

Cleaning John Malcovich

Here’s one of the odder things I’ve ever found on the Internets: John Malcovich being interviewed while being bathed, in a bathtub, by another man. (thanks to Tranny in Trouble for the link.)

A Simple Answer to a Stupid Question

Is Barack Obama Muslim?

#1 Reason to Come to NYC

Tonight Betty & I were watching some combination of Burn Notice, Keith Olbermann, and Law & Order (always L&O), when we heard fireworks out our window. There were some last week too, so we kind of responded with a “must… Continue Reading

Don’t Worry, Be Equal

Funny, but I don’t expect we’ll see the usual round of panicked op-eds worrying about the poor boys this time around, since there isn’t anything to worry about. Or rather, there’s never been anything to worry about. Not that most… Continue Reading

& Another Thing

So Kentucky voters have said that race matters. Has anyone actually come out & said they won’t vote for Clinton because she’s a woman? Is Geraldine Ferraro talking out her ass again?

Gendered Politics

What’s a politico to do? I am an ardent feminist, which most of you reading already know well enough. But I’m so saddened by the way women are talking about the Democratic nomination and how they feel they’ve been sent… Continue Reading

Female Jocks

Wow this is depressing. When I was a kid, I beat one of my peers at the 50 yard dash. & He challenged me to race his older (by a year) cousin, who I also beat. & Then I was… Continue Reading