Still Guilty

The Yale harassers were found not guilty.

The charge of intimidation and harassment does not include sexual harassment, a separate charge not brought against Zeta Psi.

Well that certainly made it easier for the Committee to let them off.

(via Feministing, via Lindsay at Female Impersonator)

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  1. I saw that. I’m not happy. If many of the comments I’ve seen are the least bit true, Yale sounds like it’s much more of a frat-boy, bad behavior place than it was 30 years ago when I was there. I’m beginning to think, even more, that it’s a good thing that my son will be going to the U. of Chicago. Where everyone is too busy studying to pull crap like this!

  2. They actually appear to be guilty of “utter immaturity”, “lack of finesse” and “shear stupidity” instead of a speech code violation. But they look like they are 19…. and they are males. So this might be considered behavior that is within the norms for that demographic as crass as it is.

    There is always consequences though. It is “very” doubtful that not one of them can get a date, or will ever get a date, (far more traumatic at that age) much less develop a meaningful relationship during their tenure at Yale…. well unless they have a trust fund… But the girl that dates them won’t have much in the way of values anyway. In any case, by this stunt they sure have branded themselves as, shall we say, “not the brightest bulbs at Yale?”.

    Our speech codes have validity to a point. However, they can suppress human nature that is innocent too. The detailed facts of this case are unknown. So who can make a judgment? It is a student decision. So their excuse probably made sense to somebody.


  3. Helen dear:
    Just as a final thought. I am sure you remember all those “perfect” girls in high school that tormented you back then… Well they have to marry somebody…. I wonder who they are targeting…

    (Somebody has to buy mini vans…)


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