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Those poor young women of that Eldorado sect – more than half of them are pregnant or are mothers.

This case made me think of two things – the argument than trans women are the same as women raised female – which is obviously not true. That doesn’t mean that a gender variant kid wouldn’t have been treated worse by this sect – but a young MTF couldn’t have been used as a breeder, either. That doesn’t mean trans women are “less than.” Just that all kinds of women – trans & otherwise – face oppressions and discrimination specific to the type of women they are. Blurring difference doesn’t help us address these kinds of problems, imho.

The second thing it made me think of is an ongoing argument about Danica Patrick that’s been happening on the MHB Boards. The debate is about whether or not it’s messed up that a winning racecar driver – the 1st to win a significant race, from what I understand – isn’t somehow degrading herself by also posing suggestively on car hoods. (I think it is.) These young women of Eldorado remind me of that argument because it’s been thousands of years where women’s bodies have been used – to bear children, to bring pleasure (both physical & visual), to men with power. So the assertion that Danica Patrick is somehow blazing some new trail of “feminine empowerment” by taking her clothes off is like – um. yeah. no. Women have always done that to curry favor with the kind of assholes like the guys down in Eldorado, kings, senators, and drug lords, boyfriend and bubbas. And I just don’t see a woman doing that today as any different than it ever was.

(But I’m sure someone can jump up & tell me those women in Eldorado are somehow empowered by getting pregnant with the children of those fucknuts, too.)

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  1. The FLDS teen mothers break my heart 🙁
    For the record, I never asserted that DP “somehow blazed a new trail of feminine empowerment by taking her clothes off” – I assert that she blazed a trail by kickin azz on the racetrack. The fact that she’s a knockout is secondary, a bonus. If she wants to promote herself that way, it still doesn’t diminish her status on the track, in my eyes, anyway.

    But you know, the FLDS mothers, the older ones, are creepier than the men, I think – they wax poetic about Zion with their glazed eyes and insist that everyone there is happy and wants to be there – GACK

  2. Maybe Terri O’Connell would have some insight regarding Danica Patrick’s choices. Or maybe she’d rather not be bothered with such nonsense.

    As for the Texas thing, fanaticism victimizes everybody, some (much) more deeply and obviously than others. I feel sorry for the lot of them, but of course my strongest sympathy is for those who were dominated and subjugated within that brainwashing nightmare.

  3. “a young MTF couldn’t have been used as a breeder”

    Yes, but I wonder what would have happened to a young FTM.

  4. that was kind of my point. assuming anyone who was trans wouldn’t speak up at that age, in those circumstances, he probably would have been.

    that is, there are certain kinds of discrimination that are specific to people with female internal / external sex organs.

  5. Now they are reporting that boys were abused too…. broken bones, sexual abuse.



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