NC Robo-Calls

I was recently in the running in a “Top Ten Female Bloggers” contest sponsored by, which, as it turns out, is the organization that seems to be behind some baffling robo-calls to voters in NC (amongst other places). Now… Continue Reading

Still Guilty

The Yale harassers were found not guilty. The charge of intimidation and harassment does not include sexual harassment, a separate charge not brought against Zeta Psi. Well that certainly made it easier for the Committee to let them off. (via… Continue Reading

29 of 53

Those poor young women of that Eldorado sect – more than half of them are pregnant or are mothers. This case made me think of two things – the argument than trans women are the same as women raised female… Continue Reading

Legal Marriage, Queer Relationship

The NYT did an article about the legal issues when you’re a heterosexual couple and one of you legally changes gender. I’ve been talking about the ramifications of this stuff for so long that I failed to notice for others… Continue Reading

Good as Barefoot

For those of you with foot or leg problems, get yourself a pair of MBTs. MBT stands for ‘Masai Barefoot Technology’ and they are amazing. As many of you know, I have one flat foot – which causes endless alignment… Continue Reading

Epic Fail

There’s an anti-McCain ad playing on TV that’s fine when you watch it. It works much like “The Word” does on Colbert, with McCain saying stuff about how jobs have been created while the text reads that 1.8 million jobs… Continue Reading

How To Be an Ally

Over at Bilerico, “Guest blogger Rev. Ann Fontaine, of the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming, keeps the blogs Green Lent and what the tide brings in and writes for Episcopal Cafe. She is the author of Streams of Mercy: a meditative… Continue Reading

Summer Threads

So I’ve decided my summer look this year is going to be ‘Stranger Than Paradise extra cum Buena Vista Social Club.’


THURSDAY, APRIL 3 Oregon is in the national spotlight again—and it’s all thanks to our very own transgender pregnant man, Thomas Beatie. In fact, Thomas hit the big time today when she… sorry, he… made an appearance on Oprah! “It’s… Continue Reading

There is Nothing Like a…

… No, not a dame. (Or a Dane, for those of you who saw Betty’s performance with the Butch McCloud cast). Rather, there is nothing like a resume for making you aware of what exactly you’ve been doing with your… Continue Reading


So the new guy on Law & Order, Cyrus Lupo, played by Jeremy Sisto, is a hottie, like a young Tom Berenger. & He can act. Anyone think it’s a coincidence that Detective Green was ushered out the week of… Continue Reading

Quote of the Day

“I get worried for young girls sometimes; I want them to feel that they can be sassy and full and weird and geeky and smart and independent, and not so withered and shriveled.” – Amy Poehler

Don’t Speak

Today is the Day of Silence, a day when students don’t speak in order to address issues of harassment and bullying in schools. It is not neccessarily specific to the protection of LGBT students, except that of course LGBT and… Continue Reading

The Lesbian Hotel

Does anyone else ever see the Doubletree Hotels logo and think it looks like a lesbian symbol? I do. So much so that every time I pass one I think, “and there’s the lesbian hotel.” It’s not, of course. Not… Continue Reading

Neil Gaiman Fan Club

Reason #428 why I love Neil Gaiman. Despite his self-doubt, he’s given me two of the best pieces of writing advice I’ve ever gotten: Finish what you start. You can only get up to make more tea. After that, it’s… Continue Reading

Law & Order Gawk

My little plan today was to take 6 bags of clothes over to the Salvation Army since the one near us was gentrified out about a year or so ago; Betty volunteered to come with me, & then said coquettishly,… Continue Reading


There was a very recent kerfuffle about a local PFLAG chapter voting for Safe Schools legislation that was not gender identity inclusive. A few people emailed a few people from PFLAG National and they made sure that the local would… Continue Reading

NYC: Trans Partners Meeting

Today, in New York, at the Center. For more info.

Gore Galore

Anyone else tired of the drama? We’ve been watching Pennsylvania primary returns, & they exhaust me. But I can’t stop watching, either, just like that night Gore won the Presidency.

Divergent Lives

My lives have diverged, some days in ways I can’t even measure. Recently, at my 20th HS reunion, people wanted to know if they should call me Helen. Worse yet, I met up with an old friend who was in… Continue Reading