Too Many

There is a lot on the news about the shootings at NIU that left too many students dead. It’s too sad a story, and sadly familiar as well.

But there are two other stories of young people who have died that are barely being reported, and are just as important:

As confusing and frustrating as the NIU shooting is, these other two deaths were entirely preventable: if only we could give kids a little more room to be who they are, while ALSO educating people that gender diversity is not immoral, unnatural, or dangerous.

Still, it frustrates me to see that the deaths of these other children are barely being reported, once again confirming the idea that gender diverse people’s lives are worth a little less.

8 Replies to “Too Many”

  1. “He was not himself but he made no mention whatsoever that he would harm himself,” she said. “On that day he was happy as Larry.”

    And that says it all, right there. This poor child was never “happy as Larry”, and if he hadn’t been forced to try to be, maybe he would be alive now.

  2. Apparently, the WBC is planning on picketing at the NIU memorial services. If they picket at King’s service, they’ll be hitting a new low.

  3. Violence against feminine males is just part of a larger epidemic of male violence against all feminine humans and everything that female souls represent. Whether it be this blessed boy in Oxnard or the rape-death of Brianna Denison in Reno, it is all in the sick spectrum of violence against femininity.

  4. Don’t forget male violence against men too. Perhaps we should start teaching these kids some decent self-defense skills. Maybe some of the trans organizations should start arranging these things for trans adults too.

  5. Point well taken, christinesus. Maybe the trans community should just publicly stand as one and strike the call for an end of male violence. Maybe that’s what we were sent here to do. As Bob Dylan says “Gonna forget about myself for a while, gonna go out and see what others need.”

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