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Posted by – January 11, 2008

I just found out that my publishers missed the deadline to nominate my book She’s Not the Man I Married for a Lambda Literary Award. Considering that it’s probably the only award that has a Transgender category at all, I’m – well, beyond words about how shitty this is.

It’s like the last kick in the ass from 2007 arriving a little late.

But congrats to all my friends & fellow writers on the list: Reid Vanderburgh, Eli Clare, Julia Serano, Mattilda, Virginia Ramey Mollenkott. May the best person win.

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  1. Red says:

    That really, really sucks. Blech.

  2. Ciaran60 says:

    Oh wow – so sorry to hear this. I can’t imagine how you felt when hearing this news. I am afraid I would have been ripping a new one out of the publisher.

  3. Susie G says:

    That really sucks. Sorry to hear, I feel your anger. 2007 is now gone and I hope your 2008 is three folds full of success.

  4. Leah B says:

    Aw man! That’s so lame.

  5. helenboyd says:

    Thanks, everyone. It’s not really Seal’s fault, either – as you may know, they were sold & had to undergo some major changes this past year, which left them short-handed.

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