Save the Whales

Today on CNN, they’re talking a lot about the Japanese having responded to protests about their planned whale hunt; that is, for the first time ever, the Japanese government has agreed not to hunt humpback whales. But they’re still planning on hunting more than a 1000 other wales, including Fin Whales, which they’re doing with the bullshit explanation that the hunt is for “scientific purposes.”

On CNN they interview some Joe who says, “Well eating veal could be considered cruel too, so where do you draw the line?”

The line is that whales can’t be raised domestically as a food source. They are only wild, and they are endangered. Veal are not. Would it really be that hard for CNN to find someone who is born a carnivore & a concerned animal lover to make that point?

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  1. How do you know “veal” aren’t endangered? I’ve never seen one, and neither has anyone else! (When I was little, I actually did think there was such a thing as a veal.)

    Seriously, I agree with you.


  2. “Would it really be that hard for CNN to find someone who is born a carnivore & a concerned animal lover to make that point?”

    That is like saying find a pedophile who loves kids. If you eat animals (especially from the grocery store – look into factory farming sometime), you either don’t love animals or you pick and choose which ones you love and therefore probably look down your nose at Koreans for eating dog while eating a BLT which is made from an animal smarter than a dog.

    Sure, killing whales is bad since they are endangered, but that does not make factory farming and the horrible conditions veal is acquired under any better just because we can make more. Sure a woman might be able to have more kids, but that does not make killing her only child any better for that.

    You have apples and oranges in the veal / whale comparision.

  3. The guy’s point was that it’s not immoral to kill whales if you eat veal, which is ridiculous.

    That is, I don’t have a problem with eating animals – I have a problem with eating endangered ones, or eating ones we consider pets (& I understand that’s variable by culture), and I definitely have a problem with the misstreatment of animals – whether they’re raised to be food or not.

    That is, you can also be a carnivore who won’t eat factory farmed animals because of the misstreatment of the animals.

    Basically, you can be an animal lover & a carnivore, imho.

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