Good Riddance, 2007 – #16

2007’s Most Unasked Question

“Why do we still pay cops to troll public bathrooms for homosexual pickups?”

3 Replies to “Good Riddance, 2007 – #16”

  1. Sorry. I think homosexual trysts in public bathrooms are not only seedy and disgusting, but very uncomfortable for non-homosexuals to deal with. I’ve seen bathrooms that have been taken over by homosexuals. I won’t even go into the filthy conditions they invariably degenerate into. Bathroom sex is a “wink” in the gay community, but it is very bad for homosexuals’ campaign to have their lifestyle taken as respectful and not perverted. If a bathroom becomes known as a “safe zone” it quickly can degenerate into a flesh pit, and only the cops can restore it to a place where the rest of the 90% of the public can feel clean and comfortable.

  2. Yep. The transgender community is constantly fighting to able to use gender-appropriate bathrooms without getting hassled or arrested. We say all we want is to use the bathrooms for their intended purposes. Given that most of the public lumps TG people together with gays, we don’t need gay guys using public bathrooms for sex to suggest to the public that we will use them inappropriately also.

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