Guess Who’s Reading?

It turns out at least one of my students has now discovered this blog. I don’t know if others have but this one student quoted Barbara about being a CD on Halloween in a recent paper.

As much as I think I’m very used to being a public person, there are still moments – like this – that make me think, “What have I said in public?!”

Oh, just everything. I’ll get over it again, I’m sure.

3 Replies to “Guess Who’s Reading?”

  1. Students like to know everything about there teachers.
    Way back in the dark ages, my students, both vocal and theological would ask other teachers, old students whatever they would divulge about me.
    My teacher friends tell me that there students even try to hack into their home computers.
    We are all ” out ”

    Lizzy ( i hate there’s… )

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