Tech is Still a Boy’s Game

According to The San Jose Mercury News:

Valley companies based in Santa Clara County ranked dead last in the state, elevating fewer women to executive ranks and corporate boards than any other county.

Only 9 percent of companies in the county have promoted a woman to a top post, according to a University of California-Davis study of the 400 largest public companies in the state. Only 7 percent of corporate boards include even one woman.

But most frustrating of all, said Nicole Woolsey Biggart, is that California companies have shown little improvement over the past three years that Davis’ Graduate School of Management has conducted the study.

“The numbers are abysmal,” said Biggart, the management school’s dean. “What has absolutely dumbfounded me is we look just like the Industrial Belt. We don’t look any different to me. That is the big shock.”

Wow, new boss, same as the old boss. Why am I not surprised? Because I have been in tech offices, & sometimes they feel like locker rooms for the geeky boys. The only thing that’s different is there are no jocks there to beat them up, but it’s as if girls are still kind of scary, & so – not allowed in.