New Piercing

Posted by – October 22, 2007

I’m pleased as punch that I got a chance – right after my keynote at Fantasia Fair – not only to meet the Bearded Lady of Provincetown, but to get her to stretch my previous ear piercings so that I could wear these lovely new omegas I bought in her shop.

She tells me that I can make them bigger in a few months, too. Betty’s starting to worry.

If you’re coming here after Fantasia Fair, do remind me of the resources I said I would post. I know some (a lot) of them are probably about sex, so you might want to start by browsing the posts marked s.e.x. on this blog.

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  1. marshchild says:

    Piercings are cool! I’ve a handful myself: both earlobes, both nipples, belly button, and scrotal sack. Interestingly, the first thing I ever had pierced was one of my nipples, way back in 1991; even more interestingly, the thing that inspired me to get that done was ‘Silence of the Lambs’; the Buffalo Bill character from that was the first person I’d ever seen sporting a pierced nipple (the first person I’d ever seen sporting any kind of body piercing for that matter, if you don’t count nose piercings).

  2. WildWahine says:

    Helen, hope the pain subsided. Nice walking with you and Betty and talking about Kauai and trying to get the 2 of you to Hawaii to speak. I will keep you posted on those efforts. Thanks for the wonderful talk at Fan Fare and for the first book. I read it on the plane and must say I think it should be mandatory reading for all trans (people). Aloha Paula

  3. helenboyd says:

    Paula, the pain has gone away. They can be a little tender when I wake up, but that can happen with any earrings (in my experience). They’re healing quite nicely, too.

    & Yes, if the opportunity ever comes up, of course we’d come to Hawaii. *of course*

    hope your trip home wasn’t too taxing.

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