Sign On

(1) If you’d like to be added to a letter being sent to HRC from the leaders of the transgender community asking them “for an unequivocal statement that HRC will oppose this new strategy and any bill that is not inclusive,” then send an email to Shannon Minter at sminter(at)nclrights(dot)org.

Do add any affiliations you have with trans groups, LGBT organizations and the like.

(2) NCTE & The Transgender Law Center have a petition directed to Nancy Pelosi up at You can have your name listed anonymously, so there’s no reason not to sign this one.

2 Replies to “Sign On”

  1. Done and done! I was planning on writing HRC this weekend anyway. I’m referring others to your blog, the letter, and the petition. This is an important historical moment. We need as many people to speak out on behalf of trans rights as possible!

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